The Benefits of Equipment Lease Buybacks

In order to run your business, you have to be up to date on your equipment. Unfortunately, many businesses lack the profit or working capital to be able to pay for equipment upgrades. This leads to companies having out of date technology and lacking vital equipment to run their business and to keep up with the competition. For companies that want new equipment leasing is extremely beneficial.

Save on the Down Payment

In a lease buy back, your business can sell a piece of equipment to a leasing company. Then the company leases the equipment back to the original owner. The agreement provides the owner with cash. This allows the owner to buy new equipment without having to spend the company’s funds. This is important when a business doesn’t have the profits to pay for new, crucial equipment.

Save on Repairs and Maintenance

Sometimes, when it comes to equipment leasing, the lease agreement will shift the maintenance responsibility to the leasing company. If a business leases an item, that business does not usually have to pay for repair or upkeep. This can really help when it comes to high maintenance and repair fees. The repairs tend to come out of the monthly payments. If your equipment fails, then you can rely on the leasing company to call for a repair service.

Avoids New Credit Lines

Most people in business guard their credit lines. They don’t want to overextend themselves on credit and be unable to pay it back. The lease buyback agreement won’t force you to take out new lines of credit. In addition, you won’t suffer a hard hit to the credit report. You get the money to buy new equipment and can continue to use your credit on other purchases.

Allows for Future Upgrades

One major advantage for business owners who take these agreements is that they have an option to upgrade their equipment when the lease ends. If they satisfy the agreement, they might receive an offer to upgrade to a new model. This is especially true if the equipment from the original agreement turns out to be obsolete or outdated. If your business needs new computers, equipment or cars, then leasing equipment is a good idea. It’s better than being stuck with outdated models of technology.

When you run a business, you have to stay up to date on your equipment. If your business does not have the profits to pay for equipment without your company taking a hit, then equipment leasing might be your best option.


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