Loan Amount: $3 million

Type of Loan: CMBS , 10 yr Term, 30 year amortization, 75% LTV and provides a 1.50 x net cash flow DSCR

Type of Business / Industry – Commercial Retail

Challenges and How We Helped: Our challenge on this was showing the client the value of the CMBS vs. traditional financing, in this case the major tenant of this locations lease was up in 5 years which was the same time as the traditional lenders maturity date, therefore we pointed out the value on Non-recourse vs. full recourse



Loan Amount: $1,837,500 million

Type of Loan: 7 year fixed at 4.10%, 25 year amortization

Type of Property: Multi Family, 24-unit Class A Property

Challenges and How We Helped: We were able to negotiate a annualized 20% pay down on the principal without Pre-Payment Penalties