Franchise Options for Gas Station Businesses

If you’re interested in jumping into a profitable business, you may want to look at the oil and gas industry. Gas stations are worth billions of dollars! Here are some franchise options for those interested in the gas industry.


7-Eleven has convenience store and gas station combinations throughout the country. With over 8,600 tores, they deliver everything franchisees need to run the business.


AMPM has hundreds of gas stations throughout the US. After an initial investment, AMPM provides hands-on training and class sessions.

Circle K

With businesses in over 20 different states, these convenient store franchises are a great opportunity. They offer financing options for equipment costs.


LUKOIL offers the opportunity for entrepreneurs to operate independently in the LUKOIL brand. These franchises are in several locations.

Street Corner

This convenience store and gas station combination offers financing options from third party sources. This covers the cost of the equipment, franchise fees, start-up costs, inventory and accounts receivable.

Sunoco APlus

With stores all along the east coast, Sunoco Plus assesses candidates based on their business experience, finances and drive.

Alliance Energy

With Alliance Energy, franchise applicants receive all of the tools and logistics to sustain the business. These convenience stores are located throughout the northeast.

Dash In

Dash In has around 58 franchises available in the oil and gas industry. These gas stations have financing options available to investors.

Express Convenience

For investors interested in Express Convenience, there is financing available. In addition, the franchisees receive training to succeed.


Marathon offers opportunities to independent entrepreneurs. The company offers leadership growth and other skills necessary to grow the business.

Kangaroo Express

Located in the south-eastern United States, the Kangaroo Express functions under the Pantry’s brand.

Quik Stop

With stores in Northen California and Northern Nevada, Quik Stop offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to run stores on their own. These owners receive in-store and in-class training.

Murphy USA

To run a Murphy USA franchise, you need to have experience in management or have been self-employed.

On the Run

On the Run requires an investment fee and liquid assets of around $100,000. These convenience stores are franchised with TMC Franchise Corporation.


Shell is a popular name in the gas industry. It offers franchise opportunities for candidates with 10 percent of the capital required to invest.

Extra Mile

With more than 200 stores, Extra Mile offers training, advertising and advice for franchise owners.

Investing in the oil and gas industry can turn out profitable for investors. Gas stations and convenience stores are incredibly popular and that popularity isn’t going to disappear any time soon. While all businesses take hard work, the gas station industry is a great introduction to business.


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