At Commercial Capital Financial, we recognize the challenges facing commercial real estate investors in Visalia, CA. Securing adequate financing for everything from flipping houses to large-scale construction projects is not easy, when trying to navigate traditional lending channels, such as banks. Most lenders work exclusively with large firms that have perfect credit and can provide strong financials spanning many years. Unfortunately, that leaves independent commercial real estate investors and developers either financing projects out of pocket, or taking on more debt than they can handle, due to the “one size fits all” approach of major lending institutions. As a response, Commercial Capital Financial provides a wide array of affordable financing solutions to fit commercial real estate financing transactions of all sizes in Visalia, CA.

Conventional Loans For Real Estate In Visalia, CA

We provide conventional loans for commercial real estate transactions in Visalia, CA. Our conventional loan program features:

  • Financing starting at $200,000 on up to $100 million
  • LTV up to 75 percent
  • Rates as low as 3.75 percent
  • Terms up to 10 years
  • Amortizations up to 30 years

Our conventional loans for commercial real estate are designed with Visalia, CA markets in mind, and can be used for the following property types:

  • Office space
  • Hotels
  • Mobile home parks
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Multifamily residences

SBA Loans For Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Capital Financial has been recognized as a “Preferred Financial Services” company among SBA lenders. This title allows us to process SBA loan requests much faster than traditional lending channels, while also providing the most competitive terms and rates. Our SBA loan program includes:

  • Financing for owner-occupied properties
  • Financing for both flagged and non-flagged hotels
  • Low interest rates
  • Fixed terms up to 35 years

Equity And Mezzanine Loans For Visalia, CA

Through our network of private investment firms, we provide equity and mezzanine loans to Visalia commercial real estate investors. These loans offer amounts up to $100 million, and can be tailored to fit the scope of your commercial real estate projects.

CMBS Conduit Loans

Our investor relationships allow us to provide commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) conduit loans for the following properties:

  • Shopping centers
  • Single family
  • Multifamily rentals
  • Franchised hotels
  • More

These CMBS conduit loans feature:

  • Funding up to $50 million
  • Low interest rates
  • Non-recourse funding
  • 30 years amortizations
  • Fixed terms up to 10 years
  • Cash out options

Construction Loans

Commercial Capital Financial provides construction loans for larger projects in Visalia, CA. The loans are structured to fit the size and scope of your project, and funding starts at $10 million on up to $100 million.

HUD And FHA Loans

We offer HUD and FHA loans up to $50 million for everything from property acquisitions to construction and even refinancing on existing commercial properties. These loans include:

  • Permanent financing
  • Fully assumable funding
  • Non-recourse financing
  • Integrated construction
  • Credit enhancements

The Best Commercial Real Estate Financing In Visalia, CA

Commercial Capital Financial provides the best commercial real estate loans in the Visalia area. Call us today for a no-obligation analysis to see which options are right for your next project.