Stated Income Commercial Real Estate LoansA Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan Is a Great Alternative

Every business is unique and will have specific needs in regards to the real estate they need to operate effectively. At Commercial Capital Financial, we have a solution for you. Our financial programs offer you some options when it comes to financing your real estate purchase. A stated income commercial real estate loan is one of those options. As an alternative to other, more traditional loans, you can purchase or refinance a property that will work the best for your company.


When we take a look to see if you qualify for this type of financing, we will focus more on the actual real estate, instead of on your credit history. If the income value of the property can service taxes, insurance and a mortgage, borrowers are typically approved. Because it is done this way, many loans are approved much more quickly, and you can get your property in a shorter amount of time.

How to Use a Stated Income Loan

A stated income commercial real estate loan can be used in a variety of ways to improve the way you do business. These include:

  • Working Capital – This helps you to do little things around the business that you couldn’t normally do. It allows you to take advantage of deals while still covering your bills.
  • Property Purchase – Many borrowers use this type of loan to purchase property outright. Paying rent for a storefront can get expensive, with no return on investment. Owning is a better option.
  • Improvement of Property – This loan can help you to improve the property that you already own. You can extend your parking lot, add a room to the back or replace all the windows and doors.
  • Refinancing – You may feel stuck in your high rate or with a balloon mortgage. Our commercial real estate loan option allows you to get out and stay out.
  • Consolidating Debt – By using the funds for this, you could save thousands each month, and we could have your debts paid off very quickly.

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