small-business-loansFinancing With a Small Business Loan

If you are looking for an excellent source of funding, turn to a small business loan from Commercial Capital Financial. Our funding solutions are preferred by SBA lenders because of our quick and efficient processing system. When you need a loan and you need it fast, you know you can count on us.


These loans for small businesses can be used in a variety of ways. They are typically obtained by those running gas stations, repair shops, auto dealerships and hotels. Veterinarians, restaurant owners and those in the medical field also commonly use a small business loan to improve the way they do business.

Types of SBA Loans

At Commercial Capital Financial, we offer various types of loans for small businesses so that you can find the most success using our services. Programs include:

  • Equipment Financing – This program is perfect for the purchase or lease of heavy equipment, medical or healthcare tools, machining tools and commercial printing machines. Laundry or dry cleaning equipment, manufacturing and diagnostic equipment are also commonly purchased with these funds.
  • Business Acquisition – If you are looking to buy into a company or buy out a partner, you can use a loan for small business to acquire it. These loans are fully amortized with no pre-payment penalty and pre-qualification typically only takes a couple days.
  • Commercial Real Estate – If you are looking to obtain property to open up shop, this could be the solution. You can use this financial solution to purchase, renovate, build or refinance a commercial property.
  • 7a Loan – Most for-profit businesses can use this type of loan with eligibility based on the size of the company. This includes car wash facilities, office buildings, bed and breakfasts, franchises and various types of shops.
  • 504 Loan – This financing option allows you to acquire real estate, construct a new building or refinance your existing real estate. Rates are variable and fixed, and our fees are competitive in the market.

Getting Started

For more information about a small business loan, contact Commercial Capital Financial today and let’s get you started on improving your business.