purchase-orderEnsure Good Customer Relations With Purchase Order Financing

Any company that is a distributor, reseller, producer or wholesaler of products will need to have good relations with their customers. Because these types of businesses work closely with customers on a daily basis, it is almost essential to business that they are fair and honest. Purchase order financing may help with these types of relationships.


By providing funding for domestic production or importing and exporting pre-sold goods, you never have to go to a business associate with bad news about finances. Your customers and suppliers know that they can count on you.

Who Do We Support?

At Commercial Capital Financial, we support many different types of businesses. Our expertise includes Letters of Credit for importing and exporting and production finance for jobs that are in process. Domestic trade purchases are also supported with this type of financing. Whether you have poor cash flow, no current access to excess funds or are just starting your business, we support you through purchase order financing.

The Benefits of Financing

By financing your purchase orders, your business will experience many benefits. They include:

  • Growth that is not attached to bank debt.
  • Timely delivery for your customers.
  • Larger profits and larger orders fulfilled.
  • Flexible funding that is achieved quickly.
  • Increased market shares.
  • No need to sell equity to get ahead.

Whether you work as a distributor or wholesaler, producer or reseller, let Commercial Capital Financial help you with purchase order financing. We have the experience it takes to get you the funds you need.