merchant-cash-advancesObtaining a Merchant Cash Advance

To get your business on track to grow and operate correctly, you have some effective financial options. One of those is a merchant cash advance. At Commercial Capital Financial, we offer this against merchant accounts that reach up to $200,000 at each location that you do business. This is a great alternative to other typical loans for small businesses and can even be funded against future sales made by credit card. Discover, MasterCard, American Express and Visa are all included in this, and you will typically have the funds you need in as little as one week, sometimes less.


Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance

Perhaps the biggest benefit of obtaining this type of financing is that you can use the capital however you see fit for your business. This means that you can increase your inventory, create a phenomenal advertising campaign, expand the physical building where you are located and so much more. Some other benefits include:

  • Easy payback
  • No fixed payments
  • No application fees
  • No lost equity
  • No closing costs

Getting Started

With so much that you can do to improve your business, there’s no reason to delay. Contact Commercial Capital Financial today to learn more about a merchant cash advance. We are waiting to show you how having cash in advance can get you on track to a successful future for your business.