Answers to Your Consumer Financing Concerns

Consumer FinancingYour desire to provide outstanding service to your customers is likely only matched by that which you have to see your company thrive and flourish. Offering consumer financing options can help with both. If you’ve contemplated incorporating such a benefit into your service model, now is the time to act. We here at Commercial Capital Financial can help you build a financing program to provide untold benefits for both you and your customers.

We’ve Got You Covered

If you’re like most business executives or managers, your worries about offering a consumer finance program are:

  • The hassles that come from managing financing portfolios.
  • The need to bring in new staff to help support these services.
  • The competition that you’ll face from local banks and lending institutions.

Not to worry; we have an answer for each of those concerns. We can purchase your existing portfolio of in-house loans to help free you from the need to go after customers for collections. Our team will work with your staff in preparing to implement your financing program, and then offer the necessary service and assistance to support it. Plus, with the many benefits we’re able to offer your customers, your financing options are sure to be more enticing than those of other lenders every time.

Let Us Build Your Customer Base

Don’t let the typical cares and concerns that come with consumer finance keep you from opening up your business to the benefits that such a service can provide. Our team here at Commercial Capital Financial can help make the transition to this program as seamless as possible, and will provide you with needed support once it’s up-and-running. Don’t wait any longer; call and get your company started on the path to offering this benefit to your customers today.