How to Attract Business Investors

Are you harboring a killer business idea and just need the resources to fund it? Check out these simple tips to help yourself attract business investors for your outstanding business plan.

  • Be Honest

Authenticity is a great quality for a new business owner to have. People like authenticity, and when you’re trying to attract someone to invest their money in your business plan, you need to to be open and honest about the plan. Tell them about all the great aspects of your idea, but also tell them about the foreseeable drawbacks and assure them that you’ve thought about potential solutions. Investors appreciate someone who comes in prepared.

  • Prove Your Idea

If you can back up your idea with definite proofs, that looks really good to business investors. Test out your ideas beforehand. Is it practical? Does it fit the trends? Talk to people and do a lot of research in your field. What direction have you noticed your market going in? Where do you see a need? How does your idea fit that very specific need? Prove your competency and why your idea is a great investment and people will want to contribute to it.

  • Emphasize Relationship

Connections are key for business endeavors like this. Treat new acquaintances with respect and genuine courtesy, and approach new contacts as potential investors. What would you see in a person that would make you want to invest in their idea? How would you want to be treated? Implement your answers to these questions in the way you treat new connections.

Also, never underestimate the effectiveness of remembering someone. Work to make a solid first impression and strive to remember names and details about other people’s life. This is an unusual and flattering thing for someone to do; use this to your advantage as you’re trying to make business connections.

  • Communicate Effectively

You might have the brains behind a brilliant project, but you also need to have the ability to effectively communicate your plans or it will be difficult to attract business investors. Work on your communication style and strive to put forth a confident, trustworthy and genuine impression. Always be prepared when you may have opportunity to talk about your idea; if you have the chance, take it, but be sure you are ready for it first.

In short, put forth a great impression, be sure your business idea is ready and have the facts ready to back it up. The results will impress potential investors and will greatly improve your chances of success.


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